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    Classification Of The Degree Of Small Blister Packaging Machine

    May. 22, 2019

    Small Blister Packaging Machine, mostly horizontal intermittent transfer mode, mainly by manual filling, low productivity, used to package single-piece, granular items. This kind of equipment is quick to change the mold when changing the variety, and is suitable for multi-variety and small batch production.

    The Blister Packing Machine is mainly horizontal, and has two kinds of intermittent operation and continuous operation. They have certain productivity and versatility. They are suitable for multi-variety and small-volume production, and are also suitable for medium-volume production of single varieties.

    Automatic packaging production line. There are two types, horizontal and vertical, which are mainly used for packaging of medicines (tablets, capsules and suppositories), also known as PTP automatic packaging lines.

    Small Blister Packaging Machine


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