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    Do You Know About The Characteristics Of Perfume Blister Packing Machine?

    Dec. 14, 2018

    The Perfume Blister Packing Machine is also called a (blister packaging machine) which uses a plastic film or sheet to form a blister, and seals the product between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing, bonding or the like. Blister packaging machinery and equipment mainly include blister forming machine and heat sealing machine. It is common in food medical packaging industry, medical packaging industry,

    High-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine features:

    The drum type heat sealing performance is good, the transverse direction is no blank edge punching, the synchronization is correct, the structure is simple, the function is complete, the mold replacement is convenient, the operation is simple, and the stability is strong. The main drive part adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which has a long service life and stable operation. Forming, feeding, heat sealing, batch numbering, and punching are completed. It has the advantages of accurate synchronization, clear netting, adjustable layout and convenient mold replacement.

    The classification of Automatic Blister Packing Machine is probably as follows:

    1. High-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine is a serialized product of the same model, which is specially provided for small pharmaceutical factories, hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical research institutes and other units.

    2, according to user requirements to provide the corresponding design of the same type.

    3. This type of model transmission is very stable and the noise is extremely low.

    4. Filling, forming, sealing, punching and typing are automatically and continuously completed.

    5. High-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine has small floor space, low energy consumption and low investment.

    6, the structure can be closed according to user requirements.

    Perfume Blister Packing Machine


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