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    Packing Line For BFS Liquid Machine And Labeling Machine

    Nov. 07, 2019

    Automatic BFS liquid packing machine with labeling machine packing line has been finished production for export for pharmaceutical products packing.

    This automatic BFS liquid packaging machine can be used as a Liquid Packing Machine for Pharmaceutical Products to package pharm liquid, as well as oral drinking products , skin surface using products , for cosmetic products , foods and daily use products , chemical fertilizer products etc.

    Automatic BFS liquid packing machine

    Automatic BFS liquid packing machine

    The machine can be linked to the labeling machine to be packing line. Click on the video link for more details:

    A warm welcome to contact our Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier for more details.

    For more details, please contact us at carrie@sem-machine.com or whatsApp:0086 132 8426 9180


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