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    How To Buy A Food Filling And Packaging Machine?

    Oct. 31, 2019

    In recent years, plastic bottles have been increasingly used in the field of liquid food packaging, and the filling machine, as an important packaging machinery for liquid food packaging, has also become more widely used in the food industry with the application of plastic bottles. Different filling materials (gas-containing liquids, gas-free liquids, pastes, etc.) and different packaging containers (bottles, cans, boxes, buckets, bags, etc.) also make the filling machine varieties different, usually There are several ways to classify the installed machine:

    1 according to the structure: linear filling machine, rotary filling machine;

    2. According to the quantitative device: cup type canning machine, liquid surface filling machine rotor type filling machine, plunger type filling machine;

    3. According to the number of filling valve heads: single-head filling machine, multi-head filling machine;

    4. According to the filling principle: vacuum filling machine, atmospheric pressure filling machine, back pressure filling machine, negative pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine.

    5. According to the degree of automation: semi-automatic filling machine for filling machine filling machine, Automatic Packing Machine For Food, filling jade filling machine; Online 7. Lifting structure according to packaging container: slide type lifting and filling machine, Pneumatic lifting and filling machine, slide pneumatic combination lifting and filling machine filling machine purchase: reasonable selection of filling machine is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency.

    In general, try to choose a filling machine with good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, small size and light weight. However, there are many types of products in the field of filling machines, and there are many brands. The materials and technologies involved are also very complicated. What problems should consumers pay attention to when purchasing? The Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier will provide you with some points. It is recommended that you hope to provide a reference for your purchase of such equipment.

    Honey Packing Machine

    Honey Packing Machine

    The first thing to do is to determine which product you are going to fill with the filling machine you are purchasing. Some manufacturers have a wide variety of products. When purchasing a filling machine, I hope that one filling device can package all of its own varieties. In fact, the dedicated machine is often better than the compatible machine. This is for reference only, you can coordinate with the manufacturer. For example, filling honey should choose Honey Packing Machine. Also, the filling range is different and the price is different. If the filling range is larger, the product is filled as much as possible.

    Second is the high cost performance of the product requirements.

    Once again, we should choose a long-established brand-name filling machine company as far as possible, and the quality is guaranteed. Choose a model with mature technology and stable quality to make the packaging faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low manual and low scrap rate. The filling machine is a consumption machine. If you purchase a low-quality machine, the packaging film that is wasted in the daily production in the future will not be a small number.

    Finally, after-sales service, "within the circle" must have a good reputation. Timely after-sales service is especially important for food processing companies. For example, in beverage enterprises, summer is a prosperous period of production. If the machine has problems in production, it cannot be solved immediately, and the loss can be imagined.

    In addition, it is necessary to purchase as much as possible, easy to operate and maintain, complete accessories, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of equipment. In addition, the production efficiency of the equipment should also be considered, because the productivity of the filling machine directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. The higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits. In order to improve the quality of the product, a filling machine with high precision and high degree of automation should be selected. However, the price of the equipment has also increased correspondingly, increasing the unit cost of the product.

    From the above introduction, we can understand that in fact, there are still many factors to be considered in the purchase of filling equipment. Only by comprehensive consideration can we buy a product that is satisfactory and of good quality and excellent price.


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