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    Operation Process Of Honey Packing Machine

    Mar. 05, 2019

    1. Preparation before operation:

    Check the Honey Packing Machine cleaning certificate validity period, signage, parts and power supply voltage are normal.

    2. Operating procedures:

    The paper box and the manual (imitation sheet) are placed in a stack and placed correctly on the rack. The batch number steel is loaded as required, and the medicine is kept in the specified direction by the conveyor belt to maintain the normal operation of the Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine. After the operation is finished, clean it according to the cleaning standard operating procedures and record the equipment operation.

    3. Operational notes:

    During the operation of the equipment, no foreign objects can enter without moving into the hand and other moving parts. When a machine is required to be shut down, you must press the “Stop” button to stop the cartoner, the conveyor motor, and the conveyor acceleration motor. To ensure the safety of the operator. Do not turn it on again after each shutdown. Since the inverter has high charge generation during the power-on and turn-off phase, in order to ensure personal safety and prevent damage to the inverter, the power cannot be turned on within 5 minutes after the power is turned off.

    Honey Packing Machine


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