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    E-Cigarette Liquid Packing Machine Operation Safety Standards

    Aug. 03, 2019

    (1) E-Cigarette Liquid Packing Machine manufacturers introduce the operation and maintenance of aluminum-plastic packaging machine personnel should be professional technical training.

    (2) During the operation of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine, it is safe to stop the maintenance and installation and stop various operations.

    (3) Do not open the maintenance and installation of the transmission mechanism during the operation of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine to stop any operation.

    (4) If it is necessary to stop the operation during the operation of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine, a guardian must be present and absolutely stop touching any active parts.

    (5) All electrical parts (parts) on this aluminum-plastic packaging machine stop non-electrician personnel from changing and repairing.

    (6) The aluminum-plastic packaging mechanism stops frequently, and the distance time is 5 seconds.

    (7) The equipment must be cut off during maintenance and commissioning.

    E-Cigarette Liquid Packing Machine


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