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    The Meaning Of Properly Maintaining Capsule Pill Blister Packing Machine

    Jan. 26, 2019

    The maintenance of Capsule Pill Blister Packing Machine is the basis of various work such as management, use, maintenance and repair. It is also one of the main responsibilities of operators. It is an important means to keep equipment in good condition and is a positive prevention work. The maintenance of the equipment is also an objective requirement for the operation of the equipment. Marx said: "The machine must be scrubbed frequently. Here is an additional labor. Without such additional labor, the machine will become unusable." Comrade Chen Yun also pointed out: "Enterprise It is necessary to maintain the equipment, especially the key equipment. Four or nine can't do it. It must be foolproof."

    During the use of the Form Fill Seal Blister Packing Machine, due to the material movement and chemical action of the equipment, it will inevitably produce constant changes in technical conditions and unavoidable abnormalities. Phenomenon, as well as wear and tear caused by human factors, such as looseness, dry friction, corrosion, etc. This is a hidden danger of equipment. If it is not handled in time, it will cause premature wear and even serious accidents. Do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, timely deal with various problems that occur at any time, improve the operating conditions of the equipment, can prevent problems before they occur, and avoid undue losses. Practice has shown that the life of equipment is largely determined by the degree of maintenance.

    Capsule Pill Blister Packing Machine


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