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    The Operation Method Of High-speed Blister Packaging Machine

    Aug. 20, 2019

    Here is a Plastic Vial Forming Packing Machine Factory talking about the operation method of high-speed blister packaging machine.

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    Blister Packing Machine

    Blister Packing Machine

    The working principle of the high-speed blister packaging machine: the formed film is heated and softened by the flat-plate heating device, and the softened film is blown into a blister by using compressed air in the flat-plate forming device, and the filling device fills the packaged object into the blister, and then Send to the flat sealing device, seal the cover film and the formed film at a suitable temperature and pressure, print the batch number and press the broken line through the typing imprinting device, and finally punch the cutting device into a product of the specified size. Plate.

    The high-speed blister packaging machine is developed on the basis of the roller type and flat type blister packaging machine, that is, the flat type molding device is blow-molded (positive pressure forming), and the roller type sealing device is sealed, and its work The principle is basically the same as the above two.

    Operation method:

    1. Prepare medicines, packaging materials, replace the batch number template, install PVC and aluminum foil, check the cooling water, and carefully clean the equipment; 

    2. Turn on the power supply, turn on the compressed air;

    3. Press the heating button and adjust the heating and heat sealing temperature control table to the appropriate temperature;

    4. Pull the PVC rigid piece through the channel to the punching knife and pull the aluminum foil under the heat sealing plate;

    5. When the heating plate and the heat sealing plate are raised to a suitable temperature, adjust the cooling temperature meter to a suitable temperature (generally should be 30 ° C);

    6. When the medicine is full of the blanking track, press the green button of the motor to open the empty car. After the blowing, heat sealing and punching have reached the requirements, press the pill ring vibration button and the planetary cloth switch;

    7. When adjusting the blanking, make the blanking meet the requirements and carry out normal packaging;

    8. After the package is finished, shut down in the following order: press the pill bucket off button - press the motor red button - the main machine stops - turn off the main power switch - close the intake valve - close the inlet valve. Then clean the machine and the site, and maintain the packaging equipment.

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