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    Usage characteristics of Automatic Sachet Packing Machine

    May. 13, 2019

    1. The series Automatic Sachet Packing Machine is used for vibration feeding and electronic scale measurement. It is mainly used for quantitative packaging of scented bags, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, corn, rice and other granular products, artificial bagging, induction discharging, high precision, Fast and durable.

    2. The single scale has a weighing hopper, the double scale has two weighing hoppers, the double scales can be placed in turn, or can be discharged in parallel, and the range and error are doubled in parallel discharging.

    3.7-inch touch screen display, weighing specifications are continuously adjustable.

    The display resolution of the model below 4.2kg is 0.1g.

    5. Contains statistical information such as total bag number, total weight, average value, and pass rate.

    6. Contains a wealth of help information.

    7. Card-type receiving nozzle.

    8. Detachable scales and detachable masks.

    Automatic Sachet Packing Machine


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