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    Performance Characteristics Of Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine

    May. 28, 2019

    By using the matching plate heating, the heat loss of the heater is minimized, and the required temperature of the heater is greatly reduced; the universal filling device is equipped with a filling rate of more than 99.5%, and the feeder can be equipped with a vacuum interface. In order to eliminate the problem of dust formed in the feed, the disc vibration type feeding, high frequency cutting and large-area molding are used to ensure the production capacity of the 23400 version, the stroke is adjustable, and the size of the plate can be changed at will, which is suitable for various varieties. Specifications of the product. Stable work, ensure synchronization, accurate cutting, material saving, cut finished products can be pushed out in an orderly manner, no need for manual finishing, convenient for the next cartoning process, the fuselage uses split packaging, convenient for users to enter the elevator and split The type of purification workshop is equipped with screw-fixed cylindrical pin for easy assembly. The Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine is a new generation product carefully developed and developed by our company. The number of punching times is 100 times slowest per minute. Up to 200 times, about four times higher than ordinary blister packaging machines. It combines the advantages of flat and roller blister packaging machines, and is equipped with a special shaped tablet feeder with high punching frequency, energy consumption, accurate and stable operation, convenient mold replacement, high yield, and wrong version. No horizontal waste edge punching and other features, simple operation and low maintenance. The machine casing is made of 2mm304 stainless steel plate, welded by mechanical forming, and the machine is equipped with a safety shield complying with GMP requirements, which enhances the safety of operation and the beauty of the machine.

    Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine


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