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    Some Requirements For Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine

    May. 11, 2019

    1, the design and installation of equipment should meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production and process, safe, stable, reliable, easy to clean, disinfect or sterilize, easy to produce and maintain, and prevent poor and cross-contamination.

    2, the material selection of the Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine should be strictly controlled. Parts that are in direct contact with the drug should be made of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant materials that do not chemically change with the drug or adsorb the drug.

    3. The inner surface of the equipment and the surface of the working parts that are in direct contact with the drug are not designed with the connection of the platform, the groove and the exposed bolt. The surface should be smooth, smooth, free of dead ends, easy to clean and disinfect. The lubricants and coolants used shall not cause contamination of the surface of the medicines and working parts.

    Fourth, the equipment should not pollute the environment outside the device. In view of the different pollution caused by each type of equipment, measures such as dustproof, leakproof, heat insulation and noise prevention should be taken.

    Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine


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