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    Features Of Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine

    Apr. 19, 2019

    The Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine has high punching frequency and large production capacity, which provides a new choice for the scale packaging of pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry, improving work efficiency and reducing costs.

    Automatic E-liquid Packing Machine use PLC programming control, stepless frequency control, man-machine interface operation, high degree of automation.

    The flat plate type is positive pressure forming, the molding temperature is low, the bubble eye is crisp, and the energy saving is remarkable. Continuous drum-type tangential heat sealing improves heat sealing speed.

    Horizontal borderless blanking structure, greatly saving packaging materials

    Change the ratio of molding times and number of punching times through a shiftable gear transmission to meet the production requirements of various specifications

    Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine


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