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    Electrical Control Debugging Points of Automatic Chewing Gum Blister Packing Machine

    Jan. 12, 2019

    Automatic Chewing Gum Blister Packing Machine through PVC sheet heating, through mold, molding, traction by traction servo, control sheet size, filling tablets with vibrating applicator, image inspection finished product and defective product, aluminum foil is packaged by heating stick and PVC medicine board, and fed by servo The size of the medicine board, the servo servo removes the defective product, and the finished product is sent to the conveyor belt.

    Communication application: ATV310 inverter communicates with PLC, starts and stops the spindle inverter and set frequency; communicates with the servo driver to read the servo status.

    Positioning control:

    1) Traction servo of Gum Packing Machine: set the plate size, control the traction distance of the servo motor, reciprocating motion, and repeat the accuracy to zero.

    2) Feed servo: Set the number of punching plates, determine the feed distance, and clear the accumulated error.

    3) Robot servo: sorting finished products and defective products, rotation angle control.

    4) Servo comfort adjustment, soft movement and reduced mechanical loss.

    PID control: 5 way PID, control the upper and lower heating plate temperature, heat sealing temperature, breaking temperature, typing temperature.

    Automatic Chewing Gum Blister Packing Machine  


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