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    Maintain Of Automatic BFS Liquid Packing Machine

    Nov. 09, 2018

    Daily maintenance: Ensure that the Automatic BFS Liquid Packing Machine is clean and dry, check the terminals regularly for looseness, and whether there is contact failure.

    Basic knowledge of packaging machine maintenance:

    1. The screws and other parts of the packaging machine must be checked regularly to avoid loosening of the screws and affect the service life of the machine. When the machine is shut down, the two heat seals should be in the open position to prevent the package material from being burnt.

    2. The packaging machine should be placed in a dry place, pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-rat parts of the electrical parts; the inside of the electric control box and the terminals must be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.

    3. The gear roller joints of the packaging machine, the bearing oil filling holes and the moving parts should be regularly lubricated with oil.

    Note: When adding anti-skid oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent the slippage or the belt aging damage.

    4. If it is a PE Plastic Ampoule Filling Packing Machine, it should be noted that the material should not penetrate into the machine parts, avoiding damage to the equipment parts and affecting work efficiency

    Automatic BFS Liquid Packing Machine


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